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One Piece OP-6 English Booster Pack (12 Cards Per Pack)

One Piece OP-6 English Booster Pack (12 Cards Per Pack)

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Enter the epic world of One Piece with the OP-06 Booster Box - Wings Of The Captain! Dedicated to the Mainstay Pirates Zoro and Sanji, this OP06 Booster Box offers a plethora of new possibilities for your collection. Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting out, this booster box is an absolute must-have for any One Piece fan. With the OP-06 Booster Box - Wings Of The Captain you not only bring in powerful maps, but also a piece of the world of One Piece. Each display box contains 24 Booster Packs, each with 12 cards. Prepare for adventure, discover new powers and expand your One Piece collection with the Wings Of The Captain Booster Box OP06! Don't let this opportunity pass you up to take your One Piece deck to unprecedented heights. Order today and take the next step in your One Piece adventure!

  • Synergy with ST-12: This Booster Display works perfectly with ST-12, allowing you to strengthen your strategies and take your deck to new heights. It is the ideal addition to your current card collection.
  • New and old themes: The OP-06 Booster Box offers a fascinating mix of both new and old themes. Explore the world of Germa 66 and Thriller Bark as you collect the powerful cards from these sets. It also offers a chance to acquire some characters that are not found in ST-12.
  • Familiar characters: This booster box brings together some of the most beloved characters from the One Piece series. Meet Moria, Perona and many others as you relive your favorite moments and strengthen your deck with their powers.

12 Cards Per Pack

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