Jeff & Michael Rizo

Our Story

I have been in the sports cards industry for over thirty years and have always had a strong passion for collectibles. As a kid I thoroughly enjoyed going to card shops, trading, opening packs, and meeting new people everywhere I went. Maturing into adulthood I continued my hobby at a more extensive and lavish pace.

As technology has blossomed and innovated itself the adventure has drifted into social media and its likes. I have utilized my knowledge and wisdom of sports, and its collectibles to create my my newest venture in life, Rizo Sports. With my son by my side, he has also grown up with the same passion and enthusiasm of sports collectibles. He has grasped the concept of live social media, tweaked his own stream, and prospered into an amazing social media host for our Rizo Sports page.

Together, with his youth and insight for social media, combined with my knowledge and wisdom we look to share our love and adventure with all of our followers.